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BFS provides Residential Real Estate Loans throughout North America.
At BFS we have set goals with a few visionary people, and over the past few years, we have grown into a team of experienced professionals. We understand real estate buyers and consumers and we are able to make common sense credit decisions.

We place funding and financing substantially backed by the acquired or refinanced residential property value.

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Transactional Funding

 BFS provides Transactional Funding, Project Capital, and Asset Leases.

Transactional Funding requests will only be considered with a bona fide real estate contract pending, Verifiable Exit Strategy (usually involves a real estate contract and escrow agreement), and BFS meeting the pre-qualification requirements. 

  1. A person sells a house for $60,000
  2. Get a contract on the house for $60,000
    purchased the home from (B) for $200,000
  3. B goes to the transactional funder because they have a contract with both A and C (because you can show C as being a pre-approved back-end buyer for the amount that the house is being purchased for.
  4. After obtaining an estimate for construction/rehab of 45,000, (B) Must submit the contract with (a), (B) Must submit the contract with (C), and then C- again has to show that he is an approved back-end buyer for the amount of money the house is being purchased for.
  1. A person has submitted all of the documentation, with a credit score of 680 (from all three bureaus)
  2. They received $150,000 from a line of credit.
  3. They spent $45,000 of the $150,000 to cover the rehab costs.
  4. Next, they get a rehab loan for 85% LTV (so they made a down payment of $6,750 which is 15% of the $45,000).


So that means that 85% of the rehab was financed.

Now because all the documentation is submitted, the transactional funder/hard money lender will put up the $60,000 for (B) within 72 hours or more. The contract total cost of the purchase equates to 105,000.

The transactional funder/ hard money lender sees that (B) has a monetary spread (105,000 to 200,000), so the transactional funder/hard money lender provides the 60,000 (B). Transactional funding will charge of their money that was loaned to B after closing on the house.

After expenses ($60,000 x 5%= $3,000 to transactional funder plus the original $60,000/ plus $45,000 on rehab equates to $108,000 in expenses. This house was sold for $200,000 which leaves a profit of $92,000.

Easy to qualify

  1. Credit report
  2. Colored color copy front and back of driver’s license or Government Issued Id
  3. Colored copy of Social Security
  4. Appraisal within 90 days
  5. If no appraisal get BPO Buyers Price Opinion
  6. Address of the property
  7. What’s your real estate experience? do you purchase commercial or residential?
  8. Provide proof of experience
  9. Asking price of house
  10. What’s the ARV(After Repair Value)?

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